Build a chrome extension to resume the browsing experience revolution

Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Safari 3
Opera 9
This is screen casting of my complete Macbook screen

Create a javascript project

This is no requirements on the frameworks, developers can choose whichever preferred either plain Javascript, react, angular or vue. I have been building extensions with jQuery, angular and react. As long as the final package can be rendered as normal web page, it will work with chrome extension.

Set up the manifest

We need to have the manifest set up. Here are some of the configurations:


"manifest_version": 2,
"name": "My Extension",
"version": "versionString",

"default_locale": "en",
"description": "A plain text description",
"icons": {...},

// Pick one (or none)
"browser_action": {...},
"page_action": {...},

"author": ...,
"background": {
// Recommended
"persistent": false,
// Optional
"chrome_settings_overrides": {...},
"chrome_ui_overrides": {
"bookmarks_ui": {
"remove_bookmark_shortcut": true,
"remove_button": true
"chrome_url_overrides": {...},
"commands": {...},
"content_capabilities": ...,
"content_scripts": [{...}],
"content_security_policy": "policyString",
"converted_from_user_script": ...,
"current_locale": ...,
"declarative_net_request": ...,
"devtools_page": "devtools.html",
"event_rules": [{...}],
"externally_connectable": {
"matches": ["*://**"]
"file_browser_handlers": [...],
"file_system_provider_capabilities": {
"configurable": true,
"multiple_mounts": true,
"source": "network"
"homepage_url": "http://path/to/homepage",
"import": [{"id": "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"}],
"incognito": "spanning, split, or not_allowed",
"input_components": ...,
"key": "publicKey",
"minimum_chrome_version": "versionString",
"nacl_modules": [...],
"oauth2": ...,
"offline_enabled": true,
"omnibox": {
"keyword": "aString"
"optional_permissions": ["tabs"],
"options_page": "options.html",
"options_ui": {
"chrome_style": true,
"page": "options.html"
"permissions": ["tabs"],
"platforms": ...,
"replacement_web_app": ...,
"requirements": {...},
"sandbox": [...],
"short_name": "Short Name",
"signature": ...,
"spellcheck": ...,
"storage": {
"managed_schema": "schema.json"
"system_indicator": ...,
"tts_engine": {...},
"update_url": "http://path/to/updateInfo.xml",
"version_name": "aString",
"web_accessible_resources": [...]

Build and Test out

You can load the extension locally using the `developer mode`

Publish to the market

You need to create a developer account and publish using the chrome developer console.



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